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Your home blood pressure monitoring regimen

Does your blood pressure spike when you are at the doctor's office? Shapa's numberless feature lets you take blood pressure measurements at home and get a truer picture of your blood pressure trend - stress free!

A daily routine grounded in monitoring, awareness, and action is important for heart health, especially preventing heart attacks and strokes.

Shapa’s wireless blood pressure monitor creates a seamless experience for daily monitoring of your blood pressure readings. 

Soothing visuals in the app walk you through the steps to complete an accurate reading and get feedback instantly. 

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Build a sustainable heart health routine with Shapa BP

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Discover your true blood pressure

You are in charge. You choose whether to go numberless or see your blood pressure values after a measurement. 

The numberless experience is ideal for those suffering from white coat syndrome or masked hypertension. Discover your true blood pressure trend with Shapa BP.

The classic experience is perfect for those who feel confident they know their blood pressure trend and are ready to build an at-home monitoring routine.

Switch any time in the Shapa Health BP app between the two experiences.

Your health data at a glance

Track trends and view correlations between your blood pressure, fitness, and weight data at a glance. 

Easily export and share your data with your healthcare provider, coach, family member, or even yourself. 

Fitness device integrations

Integrate Shapa BP with your favorite fitness devices including Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, and Strava.

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